Tap into your success

Do you feel that, too? That feeling of inspiration coming from your toes? That deep, deep, deep feeling of joy jumping up and down your tummy? It shines and glows, flows and grows. Is it love? Whatever it is, it makes me want to share it with the world.

Start your day off on the right foot. Tap into your success, your potential, your bigger self. Make everything intentional. It's so easily said, but how do you do it?! Well, the short answer is, by just doing it. To start with, do you recognize the feeling I'm describing above? Where eternal happiness just takes over your body? It's a great feeling, and I think we can all achieve a state of mind in which we can create that feeling for ourselves.

Let's start from scratch... Morning routine:

Your alarm goes off, probably your phone, right? So you already have your phone in your hands and the easy thing to do now would be to just keep spending time with your phone. Or maybe you're tempted to beautifully hit that snooze button, but we all know by now that you really don't want to go there. So you open your accounts, count your likes, see what the world has in store for you. And dwelling over other's successes you start your day. You shower, you go to work, you're living the life.

So yes, turn off your alarm, but tomorrow, turn off an alarm of a phone that is on flight mode. Now, put your phone down, turn on the light. Yes, it's OK to close your eyes again. Wiggle your toes, your hips, your shoulders. And start visualizing. What do you want to do? Where do you want to be? Step one, visualize. If you don't have it clear, how do you expect the Universe to help you get there? Make your idea clear. Make it happen. In your head. That's your very first step. Step to what? To that tingling feeling of love, luck and happiness in your gut. To live an intentional life. And to love it.

Are you ready for it?

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