6 Tips on How to Reach Your Goals

When you feel the time is right, no one can stop you. When you have a goal in mind, no one can keep you from achieving it. When you’re ready, you’re ready.

That doesn’t mean we couldn’t use some good advice. Here are six tips for achieving your goals.

1. Be realistic

Did you know that we’re prone to overestimate what we can do in a week, and underestimate what we can do in a period of ten years? This is HUGE in terms of achieving your goals. No wonder we give up so quickly. Happy millennials, aren’t we? We want change, and we want it now. But of course, you can’t change the world in a week. You can do a lot in ten years though… Set your goal in perspective. Plan realistically. Think long term. See the bigger picture.

2. Don’t kiss and tell. No wait, definitely kiss, just don’t tell.

In a society where no good deed goes unnoticed, it’s actually tricky to share your goals and intentions. Just by saying we’re going to do something and sharing our plans on social media, we feel as if we’ve already accomplished our goal. Sometimes its better to kiss and not tell.

3. The trap of to-do-lists

I feel terrible, as I consider myself as one of the biggest champions of to-do-lists, but they’re actually counterproductive. For the same reason as point numbah 2, making to-do-lists gives you a feeling of accomplishment, even though you haven’t accomplished anything yet. Stick to an idea, a feeling in your mind/body and work on that first, don’t write it down, as all your inspiration won’t become anything more than a number on a list.

4. One step at a time

Just like being realistic, you have to be realistic about what you can actually do. You won’t be a happier, healthier, stronger, fitter, more amazing person overnight. So keep in mind what’s most important to you. Your happiness is not born from becoming a sport-addicted vegan that doesn’t drink alcohol. (maybe it is, but it probably won’t be if today you like a drink, don’t work out and loooooooooooove a nice chunk of meat every once in a while). Find what feels right, first. What’s most important to you? Or, maybe even more important, what’s keeping you from achieving your goals? Eating meat probably isn’t. Drinking too much alcohol might. Find what’s excessive in your life first and see how you can balance them out into a healthier lifestyle. See how that makes you feel. From there, you can go as crazy as you want.

[Disclaimer; I’m not a doctor, I’m just sharing my experience here.]

5. Don’t wait for change to happen to you. BE the change.

“Maybe things will get better when we move to a new house, or maybe in March, or in summer, or when we go on vacation, or after.” Or maybe things will get better when we all live on the moon. Stop waiting for miracles to happen, change doesn’t happen to you, you will need to make it happen. Be the change you want to see in life. If you feel it, do it. Thinking about stuff is probably good, too, but don’t overthink and don’t wait for things that never will happen (deep down you know it)

6. Everyone has a plan, until they get punched in the face.

The inevitable will happen. You’ll have a bad day, you won’t see change overnight, you’ll be discouraged, lose motivation, etc. Life isn’t just fairy tales and princes. Sometimes it’s about being locked up in towers and frogs you need to kiss. GROSS! Things are easy when you’re motivated. It’s continuing when you’re not motivated that separates the successful from the unsuccessful.

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