Veganuary, dry January, this-year-I’m-going-to-do-it-all-different-anuary? Waddup with all those funky-funkier-funkiest New Year’s resolutions?! I get it, it’s the new year, it’s time for new beginnings, you probably didn’t fulfill any of last year’s resolutions, you’re still unhappy about the way things go, so you want to do it right this year. Good for you! Although… Here’s a funny little fact: less then 8% of the people actually stick to their resolutions, 80% of all people dropping out by February. You know why? Because new year’s resolutions are stupid.

Yes. I said it.

If you don’t have an internal drive to achieve something, the chances of you achieving something are probably… non-existent. Successfully changing habits, achieving goals and obtaining personal growth are not dependent on what the rest of the world does. They’re also not dependent on what time of the year it is. And they’re even less dependent on signing up for them. Even more so, you are more likely to fail if you go down that road.

Your success depends on how clear you have your goal in mind. Why going vegan in January? Because everyone else does it? Just for a goof? Because it has a certain environmental impact? Ok, there’s something to say for the latter, but will it make you go vegan? Probably not. And how about all that meat that people will be eating on the first of February just to compensate their beet carpaccio’s and chickpea stews?

Wouldn’t a more precise goal be more helpful? You’d like to eat healthier? Go vegan once a week to start with. You love meat? Go organic. Be specific, be goal-oriented and do it for yourself. This will help to not get overwhelmed by all the options out there. Cutting out meat and alcohol, going to the gym more often, and meeting up with friends x times a week, all at the same time, while meditating every day and not looking on your phone all day every day… it’s just too much. Besides from being overwhelmed, you are likely to become discouraged, too. A hangover, a missed day at the gym, meat cravings, etc. one step in the wrong direction and your ambitions go down the drain…

What’s the success of change? To only let it happen when you’re ready for it. The minute the thought crosses your mind, your heart skips a beat and your tummy starts to tickle, you know you’re ready for it. Don’t wait for the next year, don’t wait for a month to appear, don’t wait for a miracle to happen. When you’re ready you’re ready, and you’ll know it. When change doesn’t scare you, but excites you from your innermost guts, you’ll quit, start, redo anything you want. No matter what minute, day, month of the year it is.

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