When the world shows you to let things go…

September’s full moon and the fall equinox. It’s not exactly the same day, but I think it’s close enough. Tonight, the full moon will shine on you. On your plans, your goals, your dreams. The full moon enlightens you with love, peace and happiness, you’ll feel empowered, inspired and strong. In general, the full moon is the most beautiful time a month to focus on those beautiful things you want to achieve in life. Those things that your heart tells you to pursue. Those things that you fear to change or let go.

As a symbol of light and clarity the full moon is the perfect occasion to let go of that what no longer serves… And bring those deeply rooted desires into the light of our daily lives. Now, together with the coming of fall there’s no better moment to realize that all things come to an end, with the sole purpose of getting ready for newer, better things. Like the leaves will change color and eventually fall off, we will feel inspired to do the same, to change and let go.

Our fear of change is OK. It’s alright to hold on to routine, to what we’re used to, and to what you think you desire. But this fear is also dangerous and will get you stuck, locked up in your comfort zone if you’re not careful. Just keep in mind, change is progress, progress is growth, growth is happiness. Just as the tree will drop its leaves, it will keep growing even throughout the cold, dark winter. Just to get stronger and bigger when summer’s there again.

Embrace fall, embrace the freedom, don’t fear and don’t hold back. Prepare for something better, because after fall comes winter, a time to truly reflect on our needs and inner desires. Then, when the dark days are really over, spring will come again, followed by the warmth and light of summer. Only to start the circle over again. Every time to obtain more growth.

Tonight, or within the next three days, take time to think about your most desired goals. Then, write down the things that prevent you from accomplishing that. A habit, a relationship, a memory, a pain, a thought or a fear – nothing’s too big for Mother Moon. Then, find something that symbolizes your feelings of fall: the warmth of candles, hours of pouring rain, windy winds that mess up your hair or earthly smells and soaking earth. As long as you can literally let go of what you’ve written down. Indulge yourself in a little ritual to clear the way to your purpose in life – or purposes: everything that makes you feel good.

Tonight, I will dance in the rain and let the water rinse my heart. I am ready for fall!

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